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How often should I brush my teeth?

Twice per day (morning & night) + floss once per day (at least).

Is all sugar bad for my teeth?

Actually yes, but it's a combination of lots of different things. Mostly it has to do with how much sugar you consume regularly and what your dental hygiene habits are. If you don't eat too much sugar and you brush and floss regularly as well as getting regular dental check-ups; you should be AOK! (Try to avoid sugary drinks...)

What do you think about Xylitol?

Xylitol is a very unique sugar substitute that's made from tree bark. It's unique because it helps keep a neutral pH level in the mouth and also prevents bacteria from sticking to your teeth! It's a great subsititute; use it when you can. Also they make Xylitol gum now that you can chew to help keep your teeth clean in between brushings.

Does dental surgery hurt?

No!  With  our state of the art techniques, tools and equipment we can provide painless surgery options with little-to-no recovery required. Call to find out more information about the specific procedures you may need.

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