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Guided Implant Surgery

Cone-Beam Guided Implant Surgery (CGBIS)

CBGIS allows your dental implant procedure to be fully precision-planned in our advanced 3D CAD-CAM system virtually, well before your actual surgery. The majority of the work occurs when you are not in the dental office. In the planning stages of implant treatment, a 3D XRAY(CBCT) is taken in our office. Dr. Etess then utilizes advanced computer programs such as SimPlant, Meshmixer, BlueSky and 3Shape guided surgery to place implants within the 3D representation of your mouth in the safest and most ideal positions. These implant positions can be shared in advance with another dentist or the prosthetic lab so that the treatment plan is ideal and any laboratory prosthesis can be meticulously fabricated. A surgical guide is then created for your specific procedure that will only allow implant to be placed in the predetermined locations. The goal is a prosthetic driven implant planning that supports predictable results and enhanced precision while improving all around communication.

The Advantages of Guided Implant Surgery

  • Typically performed in much less time – sometimes in as little as ~15mins per tooth!
  • No Incision, Scalpel- & Suture-free
  • Less Invasive Means:
    • Less Anesthetic Required
    • Less post-operative swelling
    • Less post-operative discomfort
    • Quicker overall recovery
    • Faster Healing (better osseous integration & ability to restore implant faster)
  • This state-of-the-art procedure can be used for patients ranging from needing one implant to patients in need of full month rehabilitation.

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