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Sinus Augmentation or “Lift”

What is a Sinus Augmentation or “Lift”?

Many times when maxillary (upper jaw) molars or second premolars are extracted, and the sites are not bone grafted, major resorption of the bone and thinning of the remaining bone ridge occurs. As a result, there is less bone volume below the maxillary sinus cavity (empty space below your eye sockets). Since the placement of dental implants requires a minimum amount of bone volume for stability and longevity, there is usually a need for increasing the bone width and height. This procedure creates a window access into the sinus cavity and allows for bone grafting, PRF, and or collagen placement for sinus bone regeneration. Sinus augmentation has become one of the most predictable and effective procedures in implant surgery. In general 3 to 6 months of post-op recovery is allowed before the placement of dental implants. Very often, dental implants can be placed at the same time as the Sinus lift procedure depending on the situation.

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