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What is Site Preservation?

What is Tooth Extraction Site Preservation and why is it so important?

When a tooth is removed, the jawbone that supports that tooth (called the alveolar “ridge” bone) begins to slowly degenerate, as does the overlying, all-important, keratinized, attached gum tissue.

To prevent this from happening after a tooth extraction, Dr. Jeffrey “Dr. Jeff” Etess, D.M.D., N.M.D., I.B.D.M. skillfully preserves the site of the extraction in your mouth, starting before the tooth or teeth are even removed!

During the tooth extraction process, Dr. Jeff will pack the socket from where the tooth is removed with a bone substitute or PRF and cover it with an absorbent collagen membrane or additional PRF before suturing it closed.

While this grafting material is in place, it will support the adjacent tissues and in time, it will be replaced by new alveolar bone. The bone that grows will provide excellent support if you decide later on that you would like dental implants!

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